Company Introduction

BOCI-Prudential Asset Management Limited (“BOCI-Prudential Asset Management”) is a joint venture established in 1999 between BOCI Asset Management Limited (which is a subsidiary company wholly owned by BOC International Holdings Limited) and Prudential Corporation Holdings Limited (which is a subsidiary company wholly owned by Prudential Holdings Limited).

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Business Scope

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BOCI-Prudential Asset Management is an asset management company founded in Hong Kong, offering a broad spectrum of investment products ranging from Hong Kong mandatory provident fund scheme (“MPF”), retirement schemes, retail unit trusts, and exchange traded funds. The Company also offers tailor-made investment strategies in managing private mandates for individual and institutional clients.

BOCI-Prudential Asset Management Highlights

  • Backed by two financial groups with long-standing history 
  • Extensive experience in asset management, equipped with professional investment teams and robust risk management measures 
  • Strive for continuous improvement in providing diversified investment products and quality customer service
  • Well-recognised in the market with track record of winning various awards on our brand / products
  • Strong determination in moving forward with our clients in the fast-changing market landscape
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